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The guidelines are in place to a) make sure that we have all the information, b) protect your privacy to the extent you desire, and c) to protect the public image and reputation of the chapter.

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Outing Guidelines

Be sure your submission contains a full description of the activity. For instance, instead of describing an event as "Carnival", enter descriptive text such as "Spend a day with us at the West Podunk Sheep Shearing Festival."

Please submit your entries at least two weeks before the occasion. Except for rare instances, submissions with less than a week lead time won't be considered for web publication. However, You may select "mail notification" in order to have the notice sent to the members list.

You must provide a valid e-mail contact address, both for our use as site administrators and for respondents. If you do not wish to expose your real e-mail address to the world, check off the appropriate box and we'll create an alias in the domain that will forward to your real account.

It is recommended that you provide a contact phone number. The phone number will never be posted on the web site, but the site administrator may need to contact you in case of missing information.

Double-check all your dates and times.

If you need to get any information from your respondents (ie: "Do you have sheep-shearing experience?"), please indicate such in your comments.

If you wish, we can create a sign-up form just as we do for "official" events.  Just check the appropriate box in your submission form.

In cases where a form is used, you will receive e-mails generated from the form that include all the requested information as well as the respondent's e-mail address

Here's the touchy one: Before they are posted, all submissions will be evaluated to ensure that they are appropriate for posting on the web site of a publicly-visible organization. Basically, we've always gotten good press and we'd like to maintain that image. We should never have to invoke this rule. However, should we have to, here's the procedure:

Basically, we won't accept submissions for political activities or those of a salacious or criminal nature.